A New Way of Classic Tea
 The Water Moon Grass Room is a place that values quality, which came together as a joint endeavor between good friends who pooled together their knowledge and resources. While your average teahouse might be lacking a greater cultural experience in order to simply sell tea, we believe that tea is a classic element of Chinese culture, and an original aspect of our ancestors’ lives. We believe the art of drinking tea needs to be well-researched, yet presented in a relaxed manner, with high-quality tea in a place where one can enjoy a certain kind of cultural ambience.

Detailed map

 Address: Taipei City, FuXing South Rd, Section 2, Alley 180, #2, 1st fl. Buses 74, 278, and 685 all run here, and the nearest MRT is the Technology Building station on the MuZha (brown) line.

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