Silver Needle Jasmine Tea
 Coming from Fujian Province, China, our silver needle jasmine tea is a mixture of delicately scented early spring Yin- Zhen (silver needle) tea and fresh jasmine flowers. Our Yin-zhen tea is made from tea buds fully covered by fine silver “down”. The smooth nature of yin-zhen is then harmoniously combined with the delicate fragrance of fresh jasmine. The infusion has a clear green colour and leaves a refreshing taste in the mouth. A must try for all jasmine tea lovers.
 *Main characteristics: unfermented; refreshing with a light floral fragrance
Misty Garden JinXuan Tea
 Our Misty Garden Jin Xuan is a new breed of Ali Shan Jin Xuan (a type of Oolong) tea. Ali Shan Jin Xuan tea is grown at an elevation of 1200 meters in the mountains in central Taiwan, where the climate is cold and misty all year round. This tea is lightly fermented, with a slight, milky aftertaste that leaves a sweet lingering sensation in the mouth. Good for several infusions. Like all Oolong teas, it increases your energy, promotes metabolism, controls obesity and helps to regulate ageing.
 *Main characteristics: lightly fermented; natural sweet taste; mild milk fragrance
High Mountain Oolong
 From Nantou county Taiwan, this tea is grown high in the mountains at an elevation of 1800 meters in places known as "high altitude tea plantations". These areas are surrounded by foggy mists all year round. These conditions produce tea leaves that are soft, wide and lustrous. The infusion has a bright golden yellow colour with a flowery yet refined aroma that leaves a natural sweet sensation in the mouth.
 *Main characteristics: lightly fermented; mild floral; natural sweet aroma
Oriental Beauty Oolong
 Oriental Beauty(served with few drops of brandy) is also known as Bai Hao Oolong (White Pekoe) or Pong Fong Tea. Like the Yin Zhen tea, the leaves of Oriental Beauty Oolong tea are also covered with fine silver “down”. This tea is heavily fermented, with a natural honey fragrance and a mild, smooth flavour. The infusion has a golden amber colour. Legend has it that this tea was so good that it made its way to the queen of England who named it “Oriental Beauty.” We serve our Oriental Beauty with few drops of brandy. This adds to its flavour and is particularly popular with our western customers due to its champagne-like taste.
 *Main characteristics: heavily fermented; fruity honey flavour; naturally sweet aftertaste
DongDing Oolong
 It is believed that Dong Ding Oolong tea plants are actually descendents of a specimen of the Wuyi strain from China that have been carefully selected and re-planted in Taiwan. The appearance of the tea resembles a black dragon, hence the name “Oolong.” This tea is semi-fermented, giving it a fruity aroma with rice overtones, and a mellow, robust flavor. Our award-winning tea is recognizable both by its golden hue and by its full-bodied aroma. The fragrance and taste of this tea is wonderfully sweet and will leave you craving for more.
 *Main characteristics: semi-fermented; rice/fruity aroma; refreshing and full-bodied
Orchid Tie Guan yin
 This tea has also been translated as “iron goddess of compassion.” The dried tea leaves have very subtle fragrance. Yet, once steeped, its lovely orchid-like fragrance fills the air. It is said to be the premier breed within the Oolong tea category. Heavily fermented, our Orchid Tie Guan yin has a fruity flavour that is both mellow and full-bodied. It also has a refreshing floral aftertaste. With its fat-dissolving and mind-clearing qualities, our Tie Guan yin is the perfect choice for those who desire a balanced, healthy lifestyle.
 *Main characteristics: heavily fermented; orchid/fruity fragrance / rocky flavour/ naturally sweet aftertaste
Water Moon Puerh
 Our house Puerh tea is selected from the reputable 7572 grade tea cakes, which are created under strict traditional techniques at Mung-hei tea factory in Yunnan. When brewed, the infusion has the dark reddish colour of plums. This tea is moderately fermented, with a smooth flavour and hints of plum with woody overtones. It is these special characteristics that are now used as the criteria to judge all fermented Puerh teas. Served strong, our house Puerh is ideal for those who want to promote the digestion of fat after a satisfying meal. It also helps to eliminate tiredness, uplift one’s spirit and is an effective remedy for a hangover. When served weak, Puerh tea is beneficial for general well-being and is believed to nourish one’s qi or life force.
 *Main characteristics: moderately fermented; plumy / woody overtone; smooth aftertaste
Imperial Date-Flavored Puerh
 Wild harvested in China’s Yunnan Province, this tea was traditionally presented to the emperor as a gift. It is of the most supreme quality among wild loose teas. Fully fermented, this tea has a smooth, robust flavour. It also has fragrance reminiscent of dates, and a sweet, refreshing aftertaste.
 *Main characteristics: fully fermented; fruity flavour with date overtones; smooth and natural sweet aftertaste
Emperor's Daughter Puerh (90's)
 The White Needle Jing Lian, also known as “Emperor's Daughter Puerh,” is the modern representation of loose Puerh. This tea is produced from harvesting newly opened leaf buds which are covered with a thin layer of white “down” then followed by a natural fermenting process. The infusion is a lustrous bright red colour with a flavour that offers a subtle hint of lotus that leaves an earthy yet sweet flavour in the mouth.
 *Main characteristics: fully fermented; subtle hint of lotus; earthy yet naturally sweet flavour; smooth aftertaste
Tong Qing Aged Puerh (80's)
 This tea is made by the famous Tong-Qing tea house which started its business 272 years ago in Yunnan’s Yiwu tea plantation. At 272 years old, Tong-Qing tea house is also the oldest still running tea producer. In both Taiwan and Hong Kong, Tong Qing Puerh tea is only sold at high-end tea shops. Our Tong Qing loose Puerh was produced in the 80’s. Puerh over 30 years of age is considered some of the best. The reddish-coloured liquor of its infusion is full-bodied yet mellow with hints of camphor and plum. Good for multiple infusions.
*Main characteristics: heavily fermented; hints of camphor and plum; earthy yet smooth flavour; natural sweet aftertaste

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